Level design video - cliffs, rocks, trees and terrain

In this video we take a look at how the natural environments in Project Slide are put together in the level editor. You’ll get a glimpse at how the game’s level editor works, I’ll explain some of my level design principles, and finally we drive around a bit looking at the newly created environment from the player’s perspective.

Project Slide level design - cliffs, rocks, trees and terrain.

The music played during the sped-up parts of the video is original music composed for the game by Lasse Piirainen. Curiously, most of the time making this video went into piecing together the music. The game will feature dynamic music which reacts to the gameplay and triggers different elements/sections of the music to be played. Because of this, Lasse has provided me with lots of audio clips containing individual instruments and sections. Some of them have been fed into FMOD already where the game can simply trigger a version of a song to play, but a lot of it was still only available as a collection of wave files.

I spent a bit of time putting together versions of the songs specifically for this video. It was good practice for when I need to do the same for the game. I hope you like the video!

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