DevShot #6 and plugging the Madrigal YouTube channel

Hey, long time no see! It has indeed been a while since this blog was updated. This isn’t because of a lack of exciting new things, but rather because I have been concentrating the updates onto Madrigal’s YouTube channel. More on that below, but first, let’s have a new DevShot of Project Slide:

The plains near the linear transport station.
Image 1. The plains near the linear transport station.

As usual, click the image for a larger version. The image shows the plains near the linear transport station. The gray ark ship debris is still lacking a proper material and textures, but otherwise the devshot is approaching the look I am aiming for. Quite a few new features have been added since the previous DevShot. We have indirect lighting in the form of lightmaps (for larger objects) and light probes (for smaller/dynamic ones), there is support for rendering really far-away objects such as the clouds, we finally have grass and foliage in the scene etc.

Now, much of the work that has gone into creating the above image has been detailed on the aforementioned YouTube channel and I invite you to check it out for more frequent updates. The latest video, at the time of writing, has me writing a very simple script parser/runner:

The content is pretty varied though, and there should be something for everyone interested in game development. Here, for example, is a full day of level design (that’s almost six hours of video):

I’ll continue to update this blog whenever I have something new I feel warrants a proper blog post, and of course, I’ll keep posting DevShots. In the meantime, check out the YT channel and have a great end of summer!

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